Atlas Earth Promotions: Earn 200 Sign Up Bonus And 100 Referral Bonus

Did you know that you can earn passive income by playing games? It’s true! With Atlas Earth, you can play games and earn money passively at the same time.

New users who join Atlas Earth Promotions with a special Atlas Earth referral code will get a 200 Sign Up Bonus, Additionally, if you invite friends to join Atlas Earth, you can receive an extra 100 Bucks for each friend who signs up using your referral link.


In this article, we will mention all the Atlas Earth promotions and how you can earn Atlas Earth sign up bonus.

What is Atlas Earth?

Atlas Earth is an app that combines gaming with an opportunity to earn real-life money. While playing the game, players can buy virtual land and earn profits from it. The game allows players to purchase land in 900 (30×30) square foot increments, and the more land they accumulate, the higher they can rise in the game’s rankings.

own and EARN
Atlas Earth

Players can become mayor, governor, and even president, depending on the amount of land they own. The game is location-based, so players can explore new areas and see if anyone around them owns plots of land. Parcels start at just $5, and your first parcel is free.

Atlas Earth Promotions: Give 200

Atlas Earth Promotions is currently offering a 200 sign-up bonus when you join using our Atlas Earth Redemption Code “CBE083.

Atlas Earth

Earn rent per second in real USD and cash out straight to your PayPal when your total earnings reach $5 or more.

How to Claim an Atlas Earth Sign Up Bonus?

  1. Download the Atlas Earth app or visit the official website.
  2. Once there, select sign up to get started.
  3. Provide the basic information to complete your registration.
  4. Now, Enter our Atlas Earth redemption code.” M6629I” and click on “Redeem the code.
  5. After you have successfully registered for an account. you will receive a 200 bucks Atlas Earth sign up bonus.

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Atlas Earth Referral Promotion: Give 200, Get 100

When someone registers for a new Atlas Earth account using your promo code, you can earn an additional 100 bonus Atlas Bucks. This is enough to buy 1 plot of land in the game. In addition, each of your referrals will also receive a bonus of 200 Atlas Bucks when they sign up.

How to Claim a 100 Referral Bonus?

  • Login to your Atlas Earth account via app or browser.
  • Go to my account and then click on the referral tab.
  • Copy your Atlas Earth referral link and share it with your friends.
  • Once someone signs up using your unique Referral code, then you will earn a 100 Bucks Atlas Earth Money.
Atlas Earth


If you use the Atlas Earth Redemption Code when signing up for Atlas Earth, you can receive a bonus of 300 Bucks. Additionally, Atlas Earth is currently offering a promotion of an extra 100 Bucks. which is enough to purchase two parcels of land.


How Much is Atlas Earth’s sign up bonus reward?

To open an account on Atlas Earth, new users will receive a 300 welcome bonus. If you join within 10 days of making a qualified purchase, you will receive a bonus.

How to use Atlas Earth Referral code?

Visit Atlas and click on “Have a Referral Code” to enter Atlas Earth referral code and get a 300 free Atlas Earth sign up bonus.

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