Best Apps Like Cash App for Money Transfers: Cash App Alternatives (2023)

Cash App lets you make instant transfers with friends and family, and is one of the most used, handy, and popular apps in the US. The App is famous due to its popular features covering payments via emails, or phone numbers. 

However, if you want to make a payment outside the US or UK, this is where the alternatives jump in, as Cash App is limited to within-country transfers. 

We have listed out the Best Apps like Cash App for Money Transfers so you can have better Alternatives when the Cash app doesn’t work out for you.

Apps Like Cash App for Money Transfers 

It’s wise to do some research before selecting a money transfer app for yourself.  If you are a big fan of Cash App, we have jotted Best Cash App Alternatives that you might want to check out in order to get better and more rich features. 

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VenmoLearn More
Google PayLearn More
WiseLearn More
PayPalLearn More
Xoom Money TransferLearn More
ZelleLearn More
Apple PayLearn More
PayoneerLearn More
RevolutLearn More
Meta PayLearn More

About Cash App:

Cash App Review

Cash App provides customers with services of payment transfer with a linked card and receives direct debit fast. Famous among consumers, the App allows payments on the basis of the recipient’s basic details like contact no, $cashtag username. You don’t need an account number or IBN, transfers can be made by casual phone numbers. 

The app both available in iOS and Android has usage of more than 44.9 million users in the United States and 1.41 million users in the United Kingdom according to Google search. 

Cash App ProsCash App Cons
Free money transferNot FDIC-insured
Purchases can be made with a debit cardOnce a transaction has been authorized, it cannot be canceled
Stocks and bitcoins are available for investmentOpportunities for investing are limited

Ratings Apple App Store: 4.5 / 5 ★★★★✬ 

Ratings at Google Play store: 4.6 / 5 ★★★★✬ 


Venmo Review

Venmo, like Cash App,  is a payment app that makes it easy to send and receive money instantly. Venmo can be used to send money using a debit card, a credit card, a bank account, or your Venmo balance. 

Venmo balances are added when money is received. This money can be kept in your bank account or transferred to it. In addition, Venmo lets you split bills and other expenses among a number of people. Venmo can be used to pay your internet bill, for example, or to split the bill at a restaurant with your roommate.

Money transfers have never been easier than with Venmo thanks to its social media features. It is possible to add other Venmo users as friends. Payments between users are displayed in a feed, and each payment can be customized with a note, emoji, or animated sticker. Privacy settings are also available on Venmo. Paying only friends or just you and the recipient can prevent your payments from being seen by everyone.

Ratings Apple App Store: 4.5 / 5 ★★★★✬ 

Ratings at Google Play store: 4.6 / 5 ★★★★✬ 

Venmo App ProsVenmo App Cons
Free money transferBy default, payments are public
Quick, convenient paymentsTransactions cannot be canceled once they have been authorized
Offers a debit card and a credit cardInternational transactions are not permitted
Money is sent and received in a socially connected wayQuite a high rate of scams

Google Pay:

Google Pay Review

Google Pay offers users a range of features for making payments and transferring money via digital wallets. Users will appreciate its easy-to-use interface and integration with Google Assistant, as well as its security features.

Google Pay works on iOS and Android, which makes it stand out among Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, as it offers compatibility for different kinds of users.

Now, you might think as to why should you choose google pay. Its because with Google Pay, you can rest assured that your payment information is protected with multiple layers of security, using one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. As a result, Google Pay does not share your credit card number with stores when you pay in stores.

Ratings Apple App Store: 4.2 / 5 ★★★★✬ 

Ratings at Google Play store: 4.7 / 5 ★★★★✬ 

  • Learn more about Google Pay Vs Apple App 
  • Learn more about Google Pay
Google Pay ProsGoogle Pay Cons
Allows you to pay at stores (with NFC), websites, and peopleGoogle Pay doesn’t work with Google Assistant
Compatible with Android, iOS, and the web.doesn’t work with Siri voice assistants
For security, virtual card numbers are substituted for actual onesThere is no buyer protection
Management of loyalty programs and gift cards.Another way Google is connected to you.


Wise App Review

Despite being new, Wise is gauging customers through its Social Graph Technology. With Wise, you’ll get plenty of special features, along with no markup on currency exchanges. While it offers similar services as some of its competitors, its fees are higher. 

In addition, there are fewer than 100 countries where money can be sent, and there is no option for cash delivery to a home or business. 

In spite of this, Wise offers lower fees for larger payments over £100,000. Using Wise offers low and transparent fees, which is one of its biggest advantages. Whenever you make a payment, you will always know exactly how much it will cost before making it.

  • Learn more about Wise App 
Wise ProsWise Cons
Sending money is easy with a variety of optionsFees for transfers are higher than those charged by some competitors
There is no markup on exchange rates
There is no option for home or business delivery of cash
For some transactions, fast money transfers are available
Limited customer support


Zelle Review

Regardless of which bank someone uses, Zelle can send fast, and free mobile payments in a blink of an eye. Zelle offers instant money transfers with no fees, allowing you to send and receive funds more quickly than many of its competitors.

You don’t even have to download a new app to use Zelle since it’s already integrated into many banks’ online and mobile banking services. To get started, you can simply download the app and register if your bank doesn’t support Zelle.

Your recipient’s bank account receives your cell payments directly, so you won’t have to pay cash-out fees if you want to access the funds fast. To send or receive money with a cell, you need a US-based bank account, eliminating this option for cross-border transfers.

Zelle ProsZelle App Cons
Free, fast, Secure.Only supports U.S. bank accounts
Integrates with many banking apps
You can’t transfer funds from a credit card
There are no receiving limits

There is no fraud protection


Payoneer Review

One great feature about Payoneer is that it allows Intenation funds and payment transfer. Payments can be made through Payoneer without the need for a merchant account. Merchants cannot bill customers directly through Payoneer. Rather than requesting payment through the platform, businesses wait for customers to make payments.

A popular payment method for freelancers, international businesses, and e-commerce websites such as Upwork and Airbnb is Payoneer.

  • Learn more about Payoneer App
Payoneer ProsPayoneer Cons
Allows International transfers. Payments to different countries are made quickly.Room for more features
You can receive payments in local currency through a local bank account in many countries.Bad customer service


Cash App offers remarkable options although choosing the best Cash App alternative depends on the type of payments you want to make and receive. We have highlighted here several Cash App competitors who offer a range of services, making them more relevant to specific customer needs. The majority of these companies offer domestic transfers with social features within the US, some focus on mobile payments, and others offer bank account transfers.


Is there any other app like Cash App?

Google Pay: The best payment method for online shopping.

Venmo: The best option for social networking users. 

PayPal: This is the best option if you need a personal and business account at the same time.

Zelle: Direct bank account transfer is the best option for those who prefer it.

What apps allow instant money transfer?

You can download apps for the following money transfer services:

  • PayPal.
  • Cash App.
  • Venmo.
  • Zelle.
  • Wise.
  • Remitly.
  • Meta Pay.

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